Moodys Tax Law

Summer Student

Would you like to work a top tax law firm this summer? If so, then does this sound like you?

You are a highly motivated business or law student who has taken at least one tax course (and of course, aced it!). You have excellent writing skills and pay close attention to the details. You are thinking that you might want to have a career in working in tax, or in another area of law or consulting, and would kill for the opportunity to spend the summer working at a tax law firm. For now, this is your dream job. You want to work hard and understand that you will have some really interesting work, as well as some work that will be pure drudgery, but you will do any and all assignments to the highest standards.

Our office is “COVID careful”, and you would be expected to physically report to the office every day, unless restrictions are imposed which prevent this.

You understand the need to present yourself in a professional manner and will show up every day looking like the professional you want to be. You are respectful and friendly to our valued clients. You have a high degree of personal initiative, but if you are unsure about something you don’t guess, you ask. You either already have a degree and are working on another one, or you will be going into the third or fourth year of your degree program this fall. You have a consistently earned an excellent GPA, as demonstrated by the transcripts you will include with your resume.

If this is you, then we would love to meet you! Please send your cover letter, resume, and transcript (which we understand may not yet include winter 2021 term marks) to Ashley Williamson at [email protected].