CLIENT ALERT – Changes to Alberta Pilot Program – Quarantine Exemption

The Government of Alberta has recently announced changes to the International Border Testing Pilot Program (also known as the “Alberta Pilot Program”). As of January 25, 2021, eligible international travelers returning to Alberta must now remain in quarantine until receiving a negative test result from their second COVID-19 test on Day 7 or 8.

Even after a negative test result, there are still the following restrictions on international travelers for the remainder of the 14-day quarantine period:

  • Traveler may not return to childcare, out of school care, schools, post-secondary institutions, and workplaces outside of your home for 14 days;
  • Traveler must take preventative measures throughout the 14-day period; and
  • Traveler must avoid prohibited settings during the 14-day period, including any indoor social gatherings or places of worship if there are more than 10 people present.

For more information on the Alberta Pilot Program, please see our prior blog. We are closely monitor changes to US and Canadian immigration and admission requirements and will update accordingly.