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Podcasts are just natural conversations that happen to take place in front of a microphone, so we decided to launch TaxBreaks, a podcast where where many difficult tax issues are translated into plain English and discussed in a open and frank manner. Our podcast will feature informed discussion, lively debate, and sometimes a little lighthearted fun, around issues concerning tax in Canada, the US, and around the world. Please note that the opinions expressed are solely our own and do not express the views or opinions of the CRA, IRS or any other federal agency or tax governing bodies. Moodys – tax well solved.

Episode 003 – Mythbuster – can you really pay family members a salary?

In this episode of TaxBreaks, Kim Moody, Director, Canadian Tax Advisory at Moodys, discusses the myths surrounding the payment of salaries to family members.

Episode 001 – The end of the tax return?

In this episode of TaxBreaks, Kim Moody and Dale Franko, Directors of Canadian Tax Advisory at Moodys, discuss the potential end of the tax return as we know it, and the challenges they foresee on the horizon.