Social media, webcasts and other technology

We here at Moodys are not immune to the social media phenomenon that has been spreading like wildfire for the past few years.  Over the past 18 months or so, Moodys has been working with advisors to try and harness the power that certain social media technology can deliver.  It has been an interesting experience to say the least with our eyes being opened greatly.

The one real eye opener for us has been that social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are not tools that you can fundamentally control.  That is the underlying premise of social media… you cannot control it.  You might be able to influence, but you fundamentally cannot control it.  A prominent social media expert and co-author of the bestselling book “Groundswell”, Charlene Li, states that social media is often treated as just another marketing channel and she believes that is a mistake.  Instead, she believes that social media can be used to forge meaningful relationships with your clients, target prospects and contacts. This is the goal that we here at Moodys are trying to achieve with our use of social media.

Accordingly, all of the team members at Moodys have LinkedIn accounts.  For example, my LinkedIn account is Kim Moody – Directory/LinkedIn.  I’d encourage you to visit my LinkedIn account and other Moodys’ team member accounts and give us honest feedback about how Moodys can invest in a relationship with you.

Our firm has also been experimenting with Twitter and although our experiment is young, it is interesting to see the power of this social medium.  Feel free to follow us.

Our experiment with social media here at Moodys will continue to evolve.  Charlene Li and our external consultants believe that social media will permeate through everything society does in the next five years.  They also believe that the next interesting wave of change will be at the corporate level where it will change the way that all of us conduct business.  I believe they are  right… and we are committed to getting it correct and, more importantly, listening to our clients and contacts to ensure that the shape of Moodys continues to develop in the way that our clients want to see it evolve.

In addition, Moodys is proud to announce the delivery of its first webcast, “The New Restrictive Covenant Income Tax Rules”.  This is the first in a series of many to come that will deliver recorded webcasts on proactive tax topics.  Be warned that this first webcast is very technical in nature but it is an important topic that practitioners and clients should be aware of.  In addition, as previously announced, our firm is also doing live webinar delivery of our seminar series.  Once the live webinar has been completed, a recorded version will also be available for purchase.  Accordingly, we are pleased to deliver our first recorded webinar on Owner Manager Tax Planning that was presented live on September 14, 2010.

Well… that‘s it for now.  We will see you in the social media space but hopefully we will see you live or speak to you on the telephone as well.  Here’s to providing value!