We’re on a Mission!

Back in the day, a T2P (downtown) postal code was essential to our Calgary office’s well-being. But as we’ve grown, and our brand has matured, we’ve become comfortable setting trends and making Strategic changes. And making a change has never felt so right…

So as of April 21, farewell downtown… hello Mission! Our new office is at Suite 210, 2020 – 4 Street SW in a gorgeous, brand new building amongst the restaurants and shops of an area that is – in one word – cool. Our spacious new home will not only be more inviting for our clients (did we mention the large outdoor patio that extends off our floor?), but will also accommodate our growing team… and has great parking!

We know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone want to move out of downtown? Won’t we miss the large line-ups at coffee shops, full restaurants, and most of all… the traffic?

Jokes aside, downtown has been good to us, but just because we are no longer there doesn’t mean we aren’t a top-tier player in the tax game – all that’s really changed is the view from the conference room. After all, if you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes. And if there are two things that make us a leading tax law firm – they’re our vision and our harmonious mixture of US and Canadian lawyers and Chartered Accountants.

And in case you are wondering if April is fooling, she isn’t. 715 – 5 Avenue SW will always be dear to our hearts, but we’ve found a new love in 2020 – 4 Street SW (in other words, foresight is 20/20, not hindsight). Our phone numbers will all remain the same so please contact or visit us anytime!

Moodys Gartner Tax Law