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Transforming tax services by making
complexity irrelevant.

Tax is our life’s work – it’s all we do. With an eye for detail and the curiosity of an inquisitive explorer, we bring comprehensive tax services to another perspective. Our promise to you is to instill confidence that your tax situation is covered from every angle, simplify the complexities of tax, and make the process easy. In other words, we want you to be able to sleep at night, knowing that our team has you covered. To see what others do not requires deep experience and understanding of the tax environment. We have one focus: tax, and for many of us, it’s been that way for over 20 years. We make it our purpose to understand the answers before they become questions. Hundreds of clients, thousands of files, and countless unique situations later, we design solutions that ensure tax isn’t just solved – it’s solved well.

The Game Plan

Like a game of hockey, your tax situation is unique and requires a custom strategy. Our team of Canadian and US lawyers and accountants combine talent, strategy, and preparation to develop a solution specifically catered to you. This is your game plan. We explore your current and desired states, challenge the status quo, and implement a client care plan customized to meet your needs.

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Digital Firm Brochure

Your tax situation can be complex, which is why we created a fun and easy way to learn about Moodys Tax. Our interactive digital firm brochure walks you through all tax services and resources found under our umbrella. Choose exactly where you want to go and the sections that best suit your tax needs. Your journey is just a click away!

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Moodys Tax is an integrated team of Canadian and US lawyers and accountants through a strategic relationship between Moodys Gartner Tax Law LLP and Moodys Private Client LLP. Moodys provides tax advisory, planning, and cross-border tax and accounting for individuals with personal and business interests on either side of the Canada-US border, no matter where you live in the world.